ihave Power Banks and Accessories

No matter where you go, you want to keep in touch. And with so many devices dying on us these days, it’s hard to find a flawless solution. These ihave Power Banks and Accessories feature bright colors and convenient design to keep you connected no matter where you’re charging back up.

Chekc It Out

ihave At Power Bank

This safe and stable power bank is a reliable tool for your life on the go. You never have to rely on an unknown connection with ihave At Power Bank, because it is connected to a 6000mAh original polymer A-grade battery to give you a boost away from a source of energy. Plus, you can check your battery life simply by giving it a shake. Plugging in is so old fashioned; At is where it’s at.

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ihave Delta Power Bank

Slim and convenient, ihave Delta Power Bank is ready to re-energize you anywhere on the go. With an input and output USB port, it’s perfect to plyg in to your favorite devices, from your Galaxy to your iPad. An A-grade original polymer battery with 6000mAh capacity is used to keep this perfect power bank safe and stable. Plus, you can check your battery life simply by giving it a shake. Choose the color you like the best and get to the charging!

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ihave Dome Power Bank

ihave Dome Power Bank uses a A-grade original polymer battery with 5000mAh capacity. It’s a safe and stable way to stay connected, energized, and making your online connections faster. Use the Dome with your iPhone, iPad, Samsung.

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