JBL announced On Air Wireless AirPlay speaker dock,but unavailable to purchase now

We can find a lot of docks in the accessories market, but I think no one can refuse this one—JBL On Air Wireless AirPlay speaker dock.

The system connects wirelessly to your AirPlay-enabled Mac and iOS device on 4.2 or later and packs a screen that’ll display the track info of the song you’re rocking out to. What’s more, the rounded grill sports a dual alarm clock, FM radio, and a USB port for future firmware updates.

JBL just announced a splash page for the On Air Wireless speaker dock, but it enough to be a promising means of streaming your jams. The dock is not yet available for purchase and JBL haven’t give a price. If you’re interested, though, be sure to hit go JBL’s official site, sign up for more info and get ready to it this spring.


JBL On Air Wireless AirPlay speaker dock

The JBL On Air Wireless AirPlay speaker dock will revolutionize the way you listen to music. Imagine being able to wirelessly play all the music in your house from any computer with iTunes 10.1 (Mac and PC) or later, or iPhone, iPod touch, iPad with iOS 4.2 or later. The full color screen displays album, artist, song information and full color album artwork.

JBL On Air Wireless AirPlay speaker dock

Play Music Wirelessly with AirPlay
Connect the JBL On Air Wireless to your home network and stream music around your home from your iTunes library, iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad with great JBL sound.

JBL On Air Wireless AirPlay speaker dock

Three JBL® transducers with 360-degree HALO acoustics
Distinct stereo imaging is often less than ideal with desktop sound systems, but On Air’s unique HALO (horizontal acoustic level optimization) design delivers rich, full-spectrum JBL® sound uniformly, across a wide listening area.

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